Free Doctor Note: Excuses and Templates

A Doctor’s Note is a document that is used as proof that the patient has sought medical help from a doctor regarding his/her current condition. This document is usually needed in school or work if the student or employee has taken an extended leave due to medical issues. In addition, this document is a must in most organizations to verify the employee’s excuse of leave. An applicant can also use a doctor’s note and give the employer proof of any existing medical conditions or disabilities.

This Doctor’s Note consists of the following information about the patient:

  • The number of days needed by the patient to rest
  • The disease or health issues he/she has been diagnosed
  • The description about the diagnosis and symptoms he/she had
  • Medical advice or prescription. 

The note also displays information about the doctor and his/her signature. 

Fake Doctor’s Notes

The use of a fake doctor’s note is not uncommon. Many students and employees use it to get out of commitments at school or work. While few people with slight symptoms who could not make an appointment on time use these documents to justify their absence. However, using a fake doctor’s note is illegal as it may contain the signature of a doctor without his reference. 

If you create a fake doctor excuse note, use an entire medical facility and a doctor’s name that sounds authentic. For example, date of Document, fill in the date and time of the doctor’s appointment, and add the patient’s information correctly, including the patient’s full name.


Sample Doctor’s Note for School

Doctor/Clinic Name

State/City/ Road

Name_______________ Gender _________ Age _______ Date ________


Kindly allow (patient’s name) to take leave for the next two days from today as he/she requires rest. He/she has been diagnosed with_________________ and I have found out that he/she needs some more time to recover completely. I have prescribed proper medication besides recommending a high intake of warm fluids. Thank you for your cooperation.

Doctor Charlie

[Doctors signature]


Sample Doctor’s Note for Work

Doctor’s name

State/ City/ Road

Name ____________ Gender_________ Age____________ Date___________


This note is to certify that [patient’s name] is unfit to work due to__________________. I recommend you to assign him/her light duties for one month. If you require more details contact me via

Dr. John Mathew

[Doctors signature]


Sample Doctor’s Note for Travel


Doctor/clinic name


Sub: [Patients name]

Dear [recipient’s name],

This is to confirm that my patient [patient’s name] has had a knee fracture and will be unable to travel for two months to allow healing. In this regard, I request you to grant him/her two months’ leave. Please contact me for more details at


[Doctor’s signature]

[Doctors name]


Sample Doctor’s Note for a Child

Doctor’s / Clinic


Name____________ Gender ____________Age___________ Date______________

This is to confirm that [child’s name] is suffering from tuberculosis and I request you to allow her/him to discontinue classes for two months. This is a contagious disease that can spread among other children. I have issued medications and other guidelines for fast recovery. Thank you for cooperating with me.

Doctor’s name____________

Doctor’s signature_________


Sample Doctor’s Note for Depression/Anxiety

Medical certificate


Re: [patients name]

Age_____________ Gender_____________

This letter confirms that my patient, [patients name], is suffering from anxiety/ depression. I recommend two weeks of rest for healing. Please contact me for further clarification at

Doctor’s name______________

Doctor’s signature___________


In which situations you should use a fake doctor’s note

Students or employees need a doctor’s note if they were sick and could not attend work or school for less than seven days. Some companies provide self-certification, in which you can fill out an ill form and explain your reasons for absence. In this way, you can certify by yourself that you were sick. While, on the other hand, some employers require you to prove your illness, even for a single day of absence without notice. You will have to provide a doctor’s note as proof in such a case, but for a single-day absence, you cannot get an original certification. For that, a fake doctor’s note template is used.

A doctor’s note is also used as a fit certificate after a severe health issue, claiming that you are fit to rejoin work.


Some advantages of fake doctor’s note

The fake doctor’s note comes up with certain benefits like: 

  • They are instantly available.

If you have taken a single day’s leave because of some emergency and your office or institution demands a doctor’s note, getting an original or genuine certificate will be tough. A fake doctor’s note can solve the purpose as it is instantly available and does not require any backend verification. 

  • Cost-effective and time-saving.

A genuine doctor’s note requires doctor’s charges for the certificate. If you reach out to get paid certification for your every leave, it can turn expensive. On the contrary, a fake doctor’s note is much more cost-effective and easy to get without even visiting a doctor’s clinic. 

  • They are convenient in nature.

It is every employee’s right to get leave every year to relax and calm their minds. But getting leave isn’t easy; with fake doctor’s notes, taking leave is much easier, as convincing your manager won’t be too hard about your ailment. 

There are many templates for you, and you can use them as per your requirement.