Proof of Employment Letters, Verification Forms, Templates & Samples

A letter for employment or employment verification letter must be handled with utmost professionalism and clarity. This kind of official letter should have no scope of error and must be conducted by business correspondence only. The letter should be error-free, in case the verification letter comes with grammatical errors or is incomplete, and the format is not well structured, it will essentially affect the business and affect the Company’s reputation. 


What is defined as an Employment letter?

An ‘Employment letter’ is also known as an ‘Employment verification letter,’ an official or formal letter that quintessentially validates the Employer’s stand and talks about the job profile. It is equivalent to an employment guarantee. It is signed by the authorized representative from the institute or the Company. This formal address can also be addressed in a job letter as the Employer sends this once the candidate is getting selected.


The ‘Employment letter’ is often required for official proceedings for work-related to- government dealings, financial institutions, and other such things. It is proof of authentications and is often needed to be produced when the candidate is looking for a job change.


Employment Verification Letter Templates


Sample 1: Employment Verification Template

[Your Name]

[Job Title]

[Company Name]


[City, State Zip Code]


[Date of the letter]


[Name of Person Requesting Verification]

[Job Title]

[Company Name]


[City, State Zip Code]


Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name,

This letter is to verify that [Employee Name] has been employed at [Company Name] since [start date].

If you require any additional information regarding [Employee name], please feel free to contact me at [Your Phone Number].



[Handwritten Signature]

Your Name


Sample 2: Employee Verification Letter


[Your Name]

[Job Title]

[Company Name]


[City, State Zip Code]


[Date of the letter]


[Recipient’s Name]

[Job Title]

[Company Name]


[City, State Zip Code]


Re: Verification of Employment for [Employee Name]


To whom it may concern,

Please accept this letter as a confirmation that [Employee Name] has been employed with [Company’s Name] since _____/_____/_____. Currently, [Employee Name]

Holds the title of [Employee Title]

Earns a salary of [Employee Salary]

Work profile details

In case of any query contact at [Phone Number]


Best regards,

[Handwritten Signature]

Your Name


Sample 3: Letter to Verify Employment


This is to confirm that ______________________ [Employee Name] is an employee of ____________________[Company’s Name], since ________________ [Date of Employment]


Receives a gross salary amounting to __________________ [Salary Received Amount]


The frequency of payment is-



Every two week

Twice a month



—————————————–/ ——————————                           ————————-

[Signature of the Employer]       [Title]                                                         [Date]


—————————————————                                                    —————————-

[Address, Zip Code]                                                                                   [Telephone Number]


Sample 4: Proof of Employment Letter


[Name of the Authority]

[Designation of the Authority]

[Name of the Sender Company]

[Address of the Sender Company]


Date: [Month and Date, Year]


[Name of the Addressee]

[Designation of the Addressee]

[Name of the Addressee’s Organization]

[Address of the Addressee’s Organization]


Re: Employment verification for [Name of Employee]


Dear Mr./Ms./Mrs./Dr. [Full Name of the Addressee]: To whom it may concern

[Introduction] This letter is to inform you that [Name of the Employee] is working in our Company [Name of the Employing Company] as a [Designation of the Employee].


[Employee History] He has been working here for the past [Time period] months. His gross monthly remuneration is [Amount]


[Closing] if you need further details you can contact us at [Contact Number]


[Formal Closure] Sincerely,


[Signature of the Authorizing person]

[Name of the Authorizing person]

[Designation of the Authorizing person]

[Contact Number of the Authorizing person]


Sample 5: For Former Employee


[Name of the Previous Employer]


[City and Pincode]




[Name of New Employer]


[City and Pincode]


Sub: Employment verification letter


Dear [Name of the Recipient],

This letter confirms that [ Name of the Employee] was employed with [ Name of Previous Company] as a/an [ Title of the Job] from [Start Date] to [End-Date].

If you want more information or have any further queries, please feel free to contact us on [Contact Details].



[HR Manager Details]

[Company Name]


Tips for Managers Writing Employment Verification Letters

The officials who are drafting the ‘Employment Letter’ on behalf of the organization or the Company need to keep in mind the following points before drafting and mailing the final letter to the concerned Employee. The following details have to be contained within the framework of the formal letter-

Employer’s Name 

Address details of the Employer

Contact details of the Employer

The Company Name

Address of the Company

Employee Name

The Date of Employment

Job Position of the Employee

Description of the Job that the Employee holds

Current Remuneration details

The Reason behind Resignation or Termination (if any)


The Human Resource Managers at the office are mandated to frame and address these letters more frequently. The letters of employment are drafted for the Employee to provide the letter as proof to the third party. The third parties could be Landlords, Financial institutes, Banks, Official requirements, Tax records, and other such things.


The Employment Letter stands as an essential document for the Employee and contains all the information and details regarding the Employee. Therefore, the letter issued should be on the Name of the Company’s official letterhead, which essentially includes the details like the address of the Company, the Name of the institute, the Company’s email address, and the logo or the organization’s emblem.


The letter of employment that is to be drafted needs to be written in a formal language. The language used should not be decorative or elaborative. The Employment letter should henceforth be precisely short and to the point. The format of the letter, as discussed earlier, does not require any third-party details or information. An ideal Employment Letter should not exceed more than a hundred words.


While drafting the letter or the proof of employment letter, the writer needs to consider the letter’s tone. The task needs to be done with the utmost professionalism, and it needs to be ensured that the details mentioned are genuine and contain no discrepancies. The following points need to be considered while framing the Letter of Employment-

While drafting the letter, ‘Business Letter Format’ needs to be mentioned. Usage of ‘Standard Business Format’ has to be ensured.

The letter needs to be kept concise.

All the essential and requested information needs to be included.

The contact information needs to be provided.

The letter before forwarding needs to be proofread and edited if required.


Take into consideration the aim and scope of the letter; you’ll be able to craft clear and professional communications to fulfill the requester’s needs. Having a direct proof of employment letter template available for these occasions can facilitate the process, and it can effectively meet the wants of the employees. Keeping the letters to at least one page will ensure their compactness and authenticity. Your employees will appreciate your promptness, and you’ll appreciate having a fast process for writing formal letters like these.


Proof of Employment Letters & Forms

The Employment Letter proof seeks to gather information about the work situation or status of the individual and is important for the person for official procedure. Therefore, the Employment letter in its precise format should be asking about the Employers details, salary information, current job profile, address, and other information. However, as proof for employment, the questions that are going to be addressed in the form should be legal and permitted by the law of the nation. 


Below mentioned are the different types and format of Employment Letter that effectively collects all the necessary details in the most precise and comprehensive way. The Letter of Employment forms would prove to be very handy while asking for insurance benefits, scholarships, house or health facilities, and government benefits. The samples and templates have been provided below-


Verification of Employment

The Letter of Employment is a savior for all employers who are looking for a job. Screening the candidate’s work profile also effectively helps to make the application stand out. As officials already check the information and details that have been mentioned in the form, the authenticity and the genuineness of the candidate increases. Furthermore, It’s often said it’s better to be safe than sorry, and when checking a possible recruit’s background, this is often definitely the case. This can be very true when you’re screening applicants for a high-profile position that needs a highly trained worker. Don’t let applicants endure you by misrepresenting their duties or importance at their current or past jobs. You’ll find that you’ve been oversold, and you will find yourself with a worker whose skills disappoint from the image they’ve projected to you.


In the world of business, stumbling upon fabricated information about the Employer’s background and job details is not uncommon. Therefore, the details that are provided must be cross-checked and reverified. Through the means of a Letter of Employment, an employer can verify whether the worker is honestly portraying his or her background, worth, and skills. The HR department will tell you that a major number of job applicants have provided misleading information on their resumes. On the platform of LinkedIn, such inaccurate information is often identified and are notified with the concerned authority, so that discrepancy of any kind is averted. Thanks to this, you would like to induce information straight from the source. Thus, the provision of a Letter of Employment or Employment Verification Letter will make it easier for the recruiter to screen the profiles of the job applicants.



For example, few samples for ‘Employment Letter’ has been attached below-


Sample 1: Employment Verification




To whom it may concern


This letter is to confirm that ___________________ [Employees Name] has been employed by us, ___________________ [Company’s Name] on permanent/part-time basis for a period of ________________________ [Date of Employment].


He/She is currently paid a salary of _______________ [Amount that is Paid].




[Authorizing Signature]

[Authorizing Details]


Sample 2: Employment Verification


Re: [Name of Employee]


Dear Mr./Ms./Mrs._______________


In response to the request for verification of employment of _________________, please be advised that I own ________________ [Company name and Company Details].


I hired Mr./Ms./Mrs. __________________ [Employee Name] for the position of_____________ [Job tile] .


He/She worked in my company for a period of ________________ [ Employment tenure] 


[Specific details and Skills that are required to be mentioned or verified].


In case you need any information you can contact me at ______________ [ Contact Number]


Yours Truly,


[Company Stamp]



Thus, receiving such an ‘Employment Letter’ makes the recruiter’s work more manageable because the document testifies for the candidate’s work experience and claims.


Employment Verification Forms

The employers essentially use a form of Employment Verification or Letter for Employment Verification to verify the credentials and the claims of the job applicants. It is an essential part of the recruitment process that the Employee details are getting checked because, in case of any discrepancy, it can adversely affect the Employer or the Company’s image. Therefore, employment verification is an essential part of job screening. Furthermore, the current Employer will get a brief understanding of the candidate’s background and get to know about their experience and job holdings.


Sample- Employment Verification Form



Manager HRD & Admin

___________________ [Name of the Company]

___________________ [Postal Address]

Phone: _______________



Mr./Ms./Mrs. _________________

_____________________ [Designation]

_____________________ [ Name of the Company]

_____________________ [Postal Address]

Phone: ________________


Dear Mr./Ms./Mrs. _________________

Sub: Offer of Employment to Mr./Ms./Mrs ________________________

Ref.: Your reference letter dated _____________


We wish to make to know that Mr./Ms./Mrs. ___________________, a former employee of our company _________________ [Company Name] has applied for the position of ________________ [The Job Profile Applied To] in our firm, _________________ [New Company Name]. 

He/She has given us a reference of _______ [Time of service] satisfactory service in your company during a period of ___________ to ____________ [ Duration of the Work] and has stated he/she received a salary that amounted to ____________ [ Amount mentioned].


May I request you to kindly vouchsafe the veracity of the above details that have been provided by Mr./Ms./Mrs. _______________ [Employees Name]. If convenient you can write back to us or contact us over phone at ____________ [Contact Number].


Thanking you,

[ Details of HR Manager]

[Company Name]