Free Purchase Order Templates

A purchase order or PO is an official document that is created by anyone who is intended to buy some stuff. Generally, a PO consists of items that the buyer has listed to the seller. It contains details like item names, brand name, quality, quantity, price, delivery details, buyers’ address, and other such details. To make the order placed more effective it is always requested from the buyer’s end to provide as many details as possible. 

Upon receiving the Purchase Order form it will be decided by the seller whether they will comply with the list or not. In case of any changes, the customer can also be contacted. In case the seller signs the document, then the document henceforth will be considered as a legal document. Furthermore, the seller has to sell out the items that have been listed by the customer in the Purchase Order form. The seller has to sell the items as per the quantities mentioned, a timeline of the delivery, prices, and other requirements as mentioned by the document.


Using a Purchase Order Template for Financing Purposes

A purchase order is more than a mere form. It serves as a legal base and as a testimony to address the business orders and the deals that have been confirmed and conducted between two business houses. It further serves as a financial document as the price and quantity of the product is also mentioned.

The process of purchase order financing is based upon the order that is yet to be delivered or the order whose invoice has been placed. With the purchase order financing, the lender can receive funds directly from the supplier.

A Sample Template for Purchasing Order Financing has been provided below-

                                                         Order Form


Customer No:
Ship To: Salesperson:
Ship Week Of:


Order No: Delivery Via: Routing:


Item Quantity


Description Unit






Note/ Comments Date:              Approval Signature:


Purchase Order Forms

A purchase order is an official document that serves as an order from the buyer’s end that includes specific details about information related to the services and product. It contains details all related to that order that includes information related to prices, quantities, and others. It is not to be confused with a bill or an invoice. It is different from a regular invoice or bill.

For a better understanding, few samples templates for Purchase Order Forms have been provided below-


Company Name                                                                            Date: __/___/___

[Street Address]                                                                            Invoice No.: [00000]

[City, ST ZIP]                                                                                Customer Id: ___________

Phone: [000-000-000]

Fax:[000-000-000]                                                                        Due Date:___/___/___



Bill To:

[Company Name]

[Company Address]

[City,  ST  ZIP]



Description Taxed Amount
[Service Fee]

[Labor: X hours at $___ ]



                                                                                  Sub Total –                            

  Amount Details:                                                      Taxable –                                      

                                                                                  Tax rate –                                      

                                                                                   Tax due –                                      


                                                                                     Total:  $_____________________

Comments:                                                                    Make all the checks payable to 

      If any                                                                              [Your Company Name]


If you have any questions about this invoice, please contact

[Name, Phone _______________, Email id: _________]



Tips and Tricks for Purchase Order Success

To make sure that the order placed by the aid of Purchase Order or PO becomes a success make sure the following tips and tricks are followed-

  • Make sure you customize the order spreadsheet by adding details such as company name, shipping details, and contact details.
  • Always ensure that the seller’s contact details are provided in the vendor’s section.
  • In case of any mishap always make sure you keep a copy of the Purchase Order o any details related to it
  • After completion of the order form, a copy can be saved for archival purposes.
  • Always make sure you keep the formatting easy and in lucid language. Do not make it complicated.
  • Save the Purchase Order as a pdf file and forward it to your supplier.


How Does Purchase Order Funding Work?

Unlike an invoice, the Purchase Order does not guarantee the payment aspect. The payment in this method involves an indirect payment transaction. In case the owner has a small business and receives the purchase order and further agrees with the term mentioned in it. They have to put their consent to the order by putting their signature. Post which the order turns into a legal document. Then the seller sends out the invoices to the customer who has placed the Purchase Order form. However, it is not always possible for the company to liquidate more cash in case the order placed is in bulk and more in number.

The Purchase order is an agreement in which the third party agrees to provide the amount to the supplier to fund the customer’s purchase order. In case the order is in bulk. Purchase order loans are also provided to make it easier for the small business houses. 


Purchase Order Template vs. Order Form Template?

The order form is equally popular amongst the users. Unlike an order form template, the purchase order template is used only in business-to-business marketplaces. Such templates are equally popular in ad agencies, construction firms, and retail houses to accept bulk orders from the vendors.

Sample of Order Form Template has been provided below-


Write Company Name                                                                Date: ______________

[Company Phone Number: 00-00-00]


[Company Address goes here]                                                   Purchase Order: _______

[City, Zip Code]


About the Vendor:

Vendor Name: __________________________

Company Name: ________________________

Address: ______________________________

City, State, Zip Code                                                      Phone: ___________________


Ship To:

Name: ________________________________

Company Name_________________________

Address: ______________________________

City, State, Zip Code                                                      Phone: ___________________


Details Quantity Unit Price Total
Sub Total
Total: 00000000000



       [Signature of the Authorized Person]

         [Write Designation Here]


Thus, a purchase order is thus put forward to keep the cash flow until the invoice is generated. For the business houses, it is thus a vital form of sustenance as it helps them to make their business grow. Also, many companies use the aid of purchase order forms to order goods. And since after the signature the document becomes legally abiding, therefore, the Purchase form is also a payment guarantee form.