Free Printable and Downloadable Graph Paper Templates

Graph paper otherwise known as coordinate is a square or a grid paper that has very fine lines printed on it thus giving it a grid-like formation or appearance. The lines run from left to right side and from top to bottom on the entire page. Separate books and copies of graph papers are available in the market. However, they can also be easily downloaded from the computer. The basic use of such papers is to make different types of graphs and drawings.

The graph papers are mainly used for drawing the graphs with the respect to the x-axis and y-axis for representing the statistical charts and drawing out science and engineering data related to the experimental data. There are different ways in which the graph paper can be further categorized namely- semi-long papers, polar graph paper, cartesian paper, unusual paper, and others. The squares on the graph paper can be further modified as per the requirement of the user. The size of the squares may vary from 1 line per inch to 24 lines per inch. There are multiple formats in which the graph paper can be further differentiated such as hexagonal paper, millimeter paper, normal probability paper, engineering paper, isometric graph paper, coordinate paper, quad paper, and others.

The graph papers are mainly used for school assignments, project works, art and craft projects, architectural assignments, and other works that involve data projection and representation.

Graph Paper Templates

Graph paper has multiple usages and as per the requirement and can be modified. The lines can be adjusted and the alignments changed. For example, the Logarithmic graphic papers consist of rectangles that are drawn in varying widths that correspond to the logarithmic scales for semi-log graphs. On the other hand, the Isometric graph paper is made of a grid that consists of small triangles to further simulate an isometric view. This helps in designing triangle point embroidery. Furthermore, in the hexagonal graph paper, the regular squares are replaced by hexagons. With the advancement in the domain of computers, one can easily generate graph templates of varying degrees to suit their work requirement. 


Attached below are some of the graph templates that are used commonly by people for getting their job done:


        Graph Template- 1                                                                   Graph Template- 2

  Hexagonal Graph Format                                                          Format: Letter (8.5″ x 11″)

                                                                                                          Grid size: 1 inch

                                                                                                          Margin: 0.5 inches


       Graph Template- 3                                                                 Graph Template- 4

 Format: A4 (210 × 297 mm)                                                    Format: Letter (8.5″ x 11″)

          Grid size: 5mm                                                                 Grid size: 0.10 inches

          Margin: 5mm                                                                       Margin: 0.25 



           Graph Template-  5                                                       Graph Template – 6

         Format: Letter (8.5″ x 11″)                                          Format: Letter (8.5″ x 11″)

           Grid size: 0.5 inches                                                    Grid size: 0.25 inches

            Margin: 0.5 inches                                                        Margin: 0.25 inches

Apart from these commonly used styles one can modify and adjust the graph paper format accordingly. Adjusting this will make sure that the design project can be recreated on real grounds as well. Adjusting the format will make sure that all the dimensions of the object are appropriately projected and fitted. Thus, creating the graph paper design online will make matters more easy and convenient.


How to Use Graph Paper

Generally, when people speak of graph paper they connote its meaning only to work and assignments related to school, or colleges. But the usage of graph paper has a broad spectrum. Across multiple domains and sectors, graph papers are used to solve our problems.  Here is a list of the various usages that the graph paper has-

  • People who are in the art domain, use isometric graphic lines which is a basic grid paper made for portraying three-dimensional sculptures or drawings. Using this graph paper even on a two-dimensional page a three-dimensional effect can be given.
  • Furthermore, for creating illusional figures one can make use of the hexagonal graph papers, where the shape of the graph box is hexagonal.
  • People who are in the fashion industry have special graph papers specially crafted for them. For example, knitting graph paper, crochet graph paper,  seed bead graph paper, and others are available in the market.

Thus, depending upon nature and the usage the students can choose their graph papers and use them accordingly. The desired graph paper can also be downloaded online.


Different Types of Graph Paper

There are different types of graph paper. The list of which with brief description has been provided below-

  • Quad Graph Paper-  Also known as grid paper or format this is one of the most popularly and commonly used graph paper. The name has its root in the French word. The graph paper is light blue and grey in color. In this kind of graph, there are as many as two to five squared.

Sample of Quad Graph Paper

  • Engineering Graph Paper- This kind of graph paper is used mainly by the people who are associated with engineering directly or indirectly. In this kind of format, one can see four, five, and sometimes ten squared lines. The pages of this graph paper are composed of margin lines that are unprinted.

Sample of Engineering Graph Paper

  • Hexagonal Graph Paper-  The hexagonal graph paper is used by students for geometric work and doing work related to maps. It is also used for the purpose of designing by students studying architecture. As the name suggests the graph paper has hexagons instead of squares.

Sample of Hexagonal Graph Paper

  • Isometric Graph Paper or 3D Graph Paper- In this graph paper instead of the regular squares triangular shapes are provided. The shape is meant to have a 3-degree angle in order to form an equilateral triangle at the 60-degree grid. The triangles are arranged in a group of six. Thus giving the shape of a hexagon.

Sample of Isometric Graph Paper or 3D Graph Paper


Furthermore, there are multiple graph paper designs that the students can choose accordingly. The names of some other styles have been listed below-

  • Logarithmic Graph Paper
  • Polar Co-ordination Graph Paper
  • Printable Graph Paper with Axis
  • 1 cm Graph Paper
  • 8.5 x 11 Graph Paper
  • Interactive Graph Paper